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3.30 – Here we go!

Welcome to Wesleyan everyone. We’ll see you in the World Music Hall in less than an hour’s time! Onigiri are delicious.

3.28 – Mark H. Rooney’s proposal

What do you do for taiko after college? This is a question that Mark H. Rooney (ETC workshop leader and former instructor at Wesleyan University) has been asked a lot about of late. Join us for lunch on Sunday after the conference is over to talk informally about the taiko world beyond the diploma.

Also, there are new items for sale on the “Items to Sell” page. Check them out!

3.27 – Concert tickets on sale, workshops assigned!

Please head to http://www.wesleyan.edu/boxoffice and click on “2nd Eastern Taiko Conference Concert” to purchase extra tickets for your friends. If you are a participant, you already have a ticket to this concert!

Workshops were assigned to everyone who filled out a workshop preference form, and we have created small groups of 2-5 people who have several workshops in common. Be on the lookout for emails telling you what workshops you were assigned.

The concert is also now starting at 9.30 pm instead of 9pm for technical reasons.

Two days left!

3.22 – T-shirts and Patrick Graham

We haven’t been able to get the Box Office to get our t-shirts sold on the website so far but we need to place the orders on Monday, so please contact Yuki Ohmori as soon as you can with your size if you want a T-shirt at yohmori01@wesleyan.edu.

Shirts are $15 and come in S, M and L.

Please note that we will not be printing extra shirts to be sold in order to avoid wastage, so make sure that you pre-order one if you want one, and if you order one you cannot back out of buying it.

Here’s the picture that will be on it (shirts will be black for participants)

T-shirt design by Arin Dineen (Wesleyan ’12), contact information available on request.

Also, if you’re trying to take a workshop with Patrick Graham, it might be helpful to watch this video:

3.16 – Important! Hotel Update

We’ve been hearing that people are having a hard time booking the hotel rooms. After calling the Hampton Inn at Meriden, it appears that there are still rooms available but because they blocked off a few rooms for us which are now all booked, so booking online will be challenging. Email our contact there at tari.marshall-day@ihrco.com and she will set you up, and the rate is still good.

Update: Call and ask for “Taiko Block Two” – fifteen more rooms have been blocked off for us.

In other news, Bowdoin and Oberlin are now tied for leading in participation with ten members each.

3.16 – Registration Deadline past!

Hello everyone, just a note saying that registration has closed for the Eastern Taiko Conference! If you have a large burning desire to still come let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

There’s going to be at least 150 people in attendance, which is so much more than four months ago when there were 6 registrants!

So, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who worked hard to encourage your friends to come, and everyone who even mentioned it in any capacity. It’s evidence of how wonderful the community we’re building already is, and we’re so excited to strengthen it further. We think you’re going to have a really fantastic time.

3.8 – Workshops workshops workshops!

Workshop preference form is up and running. If you’ve registered and haven’t received it it’s because my contact list is outdated (cons of doing registration through a third party) so go ahead and email me at cytan@wesleyan.edu to get on it. Workshops will not be assigned on a first come first served basis so please do not be anxious.

3.4 – Thanks to PANGEA and UConn Taiko!

We wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to PANGEA, Wesleyan’s international student organization, as well as Alpha Delta Phi for all of their hard work in organizing a fundraising blacklight party last Friday night. It was a rainy day but they still managed to raise a substantial amount of money for the conference which will go toward equipment stipends!

We also want to thank the valiant members of UConn Taiko for coming out in force to do a guest performance and spend some time with Kaze. They rocked the house!

In other news, Oberlin Taiko is currently leading in participation – 9-10 members!

3.2 – Extended deadline and concert tickets.

There are still spots available at the conference, and many collegiate groups are still waiting on funding from their respective schools, so we are extending the registration deadline all the way until the 14th of March! We have the capacity for quite a lot more people so please assist us by spreading the word as much as you can. A real advantage of having this many workshop leaders is that at at least ten workshops per slot, the teacher to student ratio currently looks to be about 1:10!

Tickets for the concert for the general public will be made available during the next week on the box office website (www.wesleyan.edu/boxoffice). They will be sold at $15 a piece.

2.28 – Equipment reimbursement, Room Sharing and Group Profiles

Thanks to everyone who has registered!

We are also glad to announce the system for reimbursing participants who bring drums.

Every drum that is brought (with stands, hopefully) automatically gets a $10 refund for the participant/s bringing them. The rest of the money that is collected for the equipment stipend will be pooled and then redistributed. The distribution of these funds will be pro-rated based on cost and distance, so that groups who have spent more money on bringing the drums will get larger stipends. Unfortunately, we can’t know how much this will be until we know exactly how many people are bringing drums and how many adult participants are coming. At this point, we have very nearly covered our costs and so anymore revenue from donations and advertising sales will go directly to the equipment stipend, so encourage your friends to buy advertisements or donate!

Room Sharing: We’ve created a Googledoc spreadsheet for participants to fill out. You will save the most money on hotel rooms if you fill them to their maximum capacities, so we really encourage you to check the spreadsheet out. Besides, it will be a great way to make new friends!

Lastly, if you are coming we want to know more about the groups being represented. If even one member of your group is turning up, please send us a blurb, website and a video and/or picture (optional) and we will put it up on our Group Profiles page. If we have enough funds, we will also have an attendees directory in our programme booklet.

2.27 – Deadline approaching, Sandra Shen’s items sell out, new items up.

Thanks to everyone who bought items from Sandra Shen! Check her comments section for the last few things, and Kaoru Watanabe will be selling some fue as well, with the same arrangements so please do go ahead and check out the prices on the same page.

The deadline for registration tomorrow so don’t miss your opportunity to be part of this great event.

2.22 – Many thanks to Alpha Delta Phi and PANGEA

We want to extend our thanks to the Middletown chapter of Alpha Delta Phi (Music Series and Assembly Series) for their generous support and to all members of PANGEA who are helping out with the fundraising blacklight party. We are getting closer to covering our expenses!

2.16 – We got Kenny Endo!

After a while of fundraising struggling we can happily announce that we’re going to have the honour of Kenny Endo being present as one of the workshop leaders at ETC. We’re very grateful to Kaoru Watanabe for his very kind help in making this possible. His workshop offerings will be up on the website soon.

For more information on Kenny Endo, see http://www.taikoarts.com

2.15 – Prices Lowered!

Prices have been lowered! $30 dollars have been taken off of the previous registration fee. This means that participants are now paying $25 for meals and that souvenir t-shirts are optional.

We hope that this will help all of our participants. Partial refunds will be given to participants who have already registered.


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