D. Discussion Sessions

Taiko History

Where do we all come from? Who do we all come from? Where are we headed? Why is it important? Yes, but is it REALLY taiko?

Alan Okada returns to the Eastern Taiko Conference to give us some insight as to where we are in the stream of taiko history and help us grapple with how to answer the question of what taiko IS.

Strategies for Successfully Running Your Group

Join Stephen Sano, Linda Uyechi and a group of established group leaders as they take us through the (collegiate and non-collegiate) pitfalls of maintaining a taiko group – questions will be fielded on finances, succession, performance opportunities, the arts world, that elusive 501(c)3 status and more.

Taiko in Ethnomusicology

We’re all familiar with the debate on what taiko is or should be, but the next level should be looking at who we are as a culture and the role that taiko plays in that culture. This year’s conference will feature the first ever official gathering of ethnomusicologists who  do research on taiko. Moderated by Dr. Deborah Wong and Benjamin Pachter.


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