J. Concert Performers

This concert is open to the public.

On Ensemble

On Ensemble (pronounced “Ohn”) takes the ancient instruments of taiko into new realms. Infusing the powerful rhythms of ensemble Japanese drumming with elements of hip-hop, rock and electronica, On Ensemble’s unique sound has been praised as “completely original and brilliantly conceived.” Modern Drummer magazine calls On Ensemble “an exciting taiko ensemble looking at new ways to apply traditional Japanese drums.”

On Ensemble’s members, Masato Baba, Kristofer Bergstrom and Shoji Kameda are individually recognized as leading artists in their field and sought after as teachers, workshop leaders, composers and performers. As On Ensemble they combine their study and deep appreciation of tradition with equally formative experiences as DJs, electronic music producers, Jazz drummers, and rock bassists to create a repertoire of ground-breaking music.

For all of their avant-garde musical explorations, On Ensemble is supported by one of Japan’s most important traditional-culture bearers, Miyamoto Unosuke Shoten, instrument maker to the emperor of Japan. This support empowers On Ensemble to utilize authentic, rare Japanese instruments in its fearless exploration of taiko.

TAIKOPROJECT (pending funding)

TAIKOPROJECT was founded in 2000 in Los Angeles, California by a group of young, emerging taiko drummers. They were seeking to create a truly American style of taiko, blending traditional forms in which they were raised, with an innovative and fresh aesthetic approach to the Japanese drum. In just 11 short years, they have garnered critical acclaim from all over the world and amassed an impressive resume.TAIKOPROJECT first made waves when they became the first American taiko group to win the prestigious Tokyo International Taiko Contest in 2005, beating out all the Japanese taiko groups in attendance. That same year, they were cast in the Mitsubishi Eclipse commercial, the first and only national ad campaign to prominently feature taiko. They followed that up with performances in some of America’s highest profile events, including the 2009 Academy Awards and the 2011 Grammy Awards.

TAIKOPROJECT has performed and recorded with some of the world’s most well-known musical artists, including Stevie Wonder, Usher, rock band 30 Seconds to Mars, A.R. Rahman, John Legend, rapper Xzibit, Kanye West, Vicci Martinez, producer Squeak E. Clean, Greek singer Antonis Remos, DJ Tiesto, and girl band Blush.


8 thoughts on “J. Concert Performers

  1. Will Kelvin Underwood not be performing with On Ensemble in this concert? He is not in the group’s description on this page.

  2. Hello,
    I see that it says that the concert is open to the public. I am thinking of going to the conference, which I know I would get a ticket, however, my parents live near by and I was thinking they might enjoy the concert…how would they buy tickets?


    • Thanks for commenting! There will be a link on the Wesleyan box office soon for the public to buy tickets to the show. Thanks for your attendance as well, we will definitely notify you through the blog and your email address as soon as the public tickets are available.

    • Tickets for the concert will be available on the website during the next week. It will be open to the public and is slated to take place from 9pm til 11pm in Crowell Concert Hall on the Wesleyan University Campus on Wyllys Avenue. Tickets will be sold at $15 a piece.

      • Hello,

        I’m so sorry about this, we sent in all the paperwork we needed to to get the link up and running but the Box Office has been intensely swamped with another conference at Wesleyan, the Dance Masters weekend. They’re getting to it as soon as they can. We’re collecting a concert interest list so that we can notify people once it is up, though. Feel free to email me at cytan@wesleyan.edu to put an email address on this list.

        Thanks for your comment, and we’re looking forward to meeting you!


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