K. Items to Sell

Stuart Paton

Practice Odaiko for Sale

55 gallon metal drum 2 shaku/2′ diameter djun-djun style – 2 are available, priced $525 and $780

One more wooden 2 shaku drum also available still to be priced.

Simple stands available and priced separately.

Kenny Endo

Kenny Endo CDs:
Eternal Energy (1995)- taiko, 17 string koto, shinobue, shakuhachi, tsuzumi, Latin percussion.  Includes: Clairty, Spirit Sounds, Symmetrical Soundscapes, Yume no Pahu and more. $15
Hibiki- (1998)- taiko, 17-string koto, shinobue, bansuri, tsuzumi, Latin percussion.  Includes: Sunflower, Spirit of Rice, Soaring, Taiko Ten, and more. $15
Jugoya (2000)- taiko, bansuri, shinobue, vibraphones, Latin percussion.  Includes: Jugoya, Winds of Change, Forest Festival, Moonwind, and more. $15
Rhythm Summit (2010)- taiko, shinobue, drumset, vibraphones, marimba, acoustic bass, 6- string bass, kalimba, tsuzumi.  Includes: East Meets West, Ame, Beckoning Blues Bird, Noon Cycles, and more. $15
Honua (Earth)- (2010)- taiko, piano, synthesizer, percussion, tsuzumi.
(Essence (2002) and On the Way (2007) currently out of stock)
DVD- Spirit of Taiko- PBS special on taiko in North America- $25
Bachi (drumsticks)- Kenny Endo model oak bachi (.8)- $30/ pair

Kaoru Watanabe

There are some Ranjo fue for sale, please contact Kaoru Watanabe at kaoru@watanabekaoru.com directly for purchase.

Prices are:
Kashu $220
Urushi $455

Sandra Shen

I have some great taiko items for sale at cheap prices. If you are interested in purchasing, email me for prices at shen.sandra@yahoo.com. Comment if you want to see a picture or have any questions. I will deliver all purchases to you at the Conference.

  • Tabi (Rubber soles, 7 tab, blue ) many sizes- selling fast, only a dozen pairs left at $15 a pair.
  • Jog Tabi (limited sizes available- mostly large ones, white) $25
  • Tapered shime bachi (Miyamoto brand, hinoki wood) $15- cheaper if you buy 10 pair
  • Straight shime bachi (long) $12
  • Straight shime bachi (short, only a few)$8
  • White oak bachi (Miyamoto brand, size 8) $16
  • Miyake bachi (different sizes- only a few)
  • Yatai bachi (only a few)
  • Tacks (from Japan) $25 cents per tack
  • Kan (1 pair left) $90
  • Wine barrels (from the Barrel Shop, 17″ heads, 2 left) $50 per barrel
  • Shime (make an offer)
  • Asano Okedo (make an offer)
  • Baby Odaiko? (16″ head, depth 4″, with stand) (make an offer)

I also have some things to give away, but you need to come and pick them up in New Rochelle, NY)

  • Drum Building Equipment (All the tools and equipment you need to build your own taiko drums)
  • Various size chu daiko (17″-21″)
  • Happi
  • Obi ( reversible; burgundy and grey stripe- only 4 left)
  • Hachimaki

7 thoughts on “K. Items to Sell

  1. Items are going fast! All happi and hachimaki are gone. 5 obi left. Large taiko gone, unless you are interested in really large..24″ and greater. Tabi going fast. I also have Air jog, but very limited sizes. If you have not so big feet, I have size 30cm (hard to find) in white only- only pair left. Bids are coming in on okedo, odaiko and shime. Drums for sale will go to highest bidder and money will be donated to the Conference. Purchase for a good cause!

    More items for sale…kane and fue. Make an offer. Highest bidder wins. Fue is brand new.

  2. Baby odaiko is actually a hira daiko and is 6″ deep. Asano okedo is size 1.2. You can bid here or send me an email. All proceeds will be donated to the Conference. If you want bachi, make your claim now before Conference. If you wait, they may all be gone by then.

    Also donating two large odaikos. They need to be reskinned though and you need to pick them up. The larger one will not fit in car. you need a van or truck.

  3. Two odaikos for donation (one 26″ head and one 32″ head). Both need reskinning. Email me if you have an interest. You must arrange pickup for these items.

  4. Sorry, all items have been donated. The following groups received drums, drum building equipment, costumes or other related taiko items: Rutsubo Taiko, UConn Taiko, Wesleyan Taiko, Cheshire Elementary School, Denver Taiko and the Greenwich Japanese School.

    The only items I have left are some tapered and straight shime bachi for sale at $15 each and a couple of misc. sizes of tabi.

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